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Developer, Ray Collodetti, is a long term local resident and advocate for this Merri Creek location and Architect, Glen Chamberlain, Director of Chamberlain Architects, lives 1 kilometre further along the creek. This local team is committed to delivering a high quality project that enhances this rare setting.


Codstream is a single purpose family owned company, founded in 2010 by Ramon and Jenny Collodetti, to develop 200 Beavers Road, Northcote. Ray and Jenny are local residents of 28 years who are firmly committed to the betterment and livability of the area. They are community minded and active in local affairs, with Ray acting as President of the Merri Creek Resident’s Group and Jenny a past organiser of the Merri Primary school fete. With their children attending the local primary and high school, their family is going to live at merri green+.

In addition to this, Ray operated a residential architecture practice for 25 years and gained an acute insight into the power industry and alternates to grid electricity through the NoBTS66 campaign. This professional awareness, insistence on sound design principles and proven amenity installations has been a guiding principle for Codstream in the development of this project, and will ensure that merri green+ becomes a standout, benchmark community that is renowned, inspiring other projects.

Chamberlain Architects

Intrigued by humble daily rituals, Chamberlain Architects create crafted architectural solutions to enrich daily life. They call it “the art of living”.

Led by award winning Director, Glen Chamberlain and Principal, Ella Leoncio, this approach is built on the relationships they establish with their clients. They see design as a collaborative process. They listen to the client’s needs and aspirations and distill these into beautiful and thoughtful dwellings. A fascination with light, space and material is woven through every project, but their architecture does not follow a pre determined style, rather it evolves from the dialogue that develops with their clients and an appreciation of the site, with the end result being a project with a distinct personality.

They see multi residential work as an exciting opportunity to bring their philosophies from single residence design to apartment and townhouse living. They consider each multi residential project with the same level of care and attention as a single family house, and merri green+ demonstrates this approach like no other development before. Each dwelling has been crafted to take advantage of its unique position within the site, and the floor plans have been designed to accommodate bespoke furniture pieces designed by Chamberlain Architects, specifically for merri green+.


Bracken Hall only deals with quality developers and only list projects that they believe are well-built, well designed and well planned. They take on a select number of projects which allows them to provide their buyers with wonderful service backed by a keen knowledge of the local market.

With their expertise in both sales and planning, their detailed knowledge of the industry helps to guide and plan what is needed to maximise your next purchase. The key is finding the right home for the right buyer, and never trying to sell something he/she doesn’t genuinely believe in.

They pride themselves on being current with the latest designs, market trends and planning advice. You will find that they’re refreshingly up-front, transparent and honest, avoiding any fluff or nonsense. They respect their customers and it’s one of the key elements to Bracken Hall’s success. They’re driven to find you the right property and their direct manner reflects this.

At merri green+ Bracken Hall has the opportunity to promote the introduction of a green technology to the local residential market. Innovative, luxurious design set in a rural landscape just 5km from the city coupled with a passionate, committed developer result in a unique offering that they are excited and proud
to represent.


Fytogreen has become Australia’s leading specialist in environmental extensive roof gardens, light-weight intensive roof gardens, vertical gardens and green facades. Fytogreen provides inspiring gardens by working in conjunction with Australian and International developers, architects and landscape architects seeking to create beautiful, environmentally sustainable gardens integrated into the architectural form.

Fytogreen have completed more than 150 successful vertical garden projects in Australia including Australia’s largest single greenwall at 1 Bligh Street, Sydney and Melbourne’s largest greenwall project at 720 Bourke Street. Fytogreen have also created over 55,000 square metres of beautiful and sustainable rooftop gardens.

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